Teaching & Research

I am a committed academic; I do this not to get boxed into ways of thinking (say “bookish” ways of thinking) but to keep revealing to myself new, more profound, more developed ways of understanding and seeking wisdom. Running a clinical practice keeps me “in the world” in a way that runs alongside, and enhances my academic commitments. For me this has a lot to do with believing that the academy ought to not be about elitism. Rather it should be mature enough to be characteristically wise, humble and investigative.

On this note, ongoing research is important because in addition to having the task of breaking down some of the walls between individuals who are academically trained and those who are not, I provide a bridge between doctors, psychologists, therapists and philosophers. So in the domain of human psychology and philosophy, it is important to me to be on the leading edge of knowledge. The relevant and related fields that I study and research are philosophy of emotion, neuroscience, psychology, phenomenology and social philosophy. Of course, this work is also part of my job as an adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

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